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IBM's new hybrid cloud partnership with VMware is big news for users

This week, the eyes of tech industry analysts have been focused on Las Vegas, as those analysts waited for possible major announcements coming out of the IBM InterConnect conference. On Monday, we got our first taste of just such an announcement. IBM and VMware announced a new hybrid cloud partnership that will allow users of VMware tools such as vSphere, NSX and Virtual SAN to deploy their existing VMware infrastructures on IBM SoftLayer, the company's public cloud IaaS offering. For two companies that have long talked of hybrid cloud as an important opportunity to provide greater flexibility and choice for users, the announcement is certainly a momentous occasion.

Mobile Device Management - Hot Topic at Tyler Tech Expo

We tremendously enjoyed attending the Tyler Tech Expo last year. East Texas is a tight knit IT bunch, and we are glad to be part of the collaboration that exist. As you will hear in the Tyler Chamber Radio except below, we at Cima Solutions Group are truly interested in delivering reliable and efficient IT solutions for our clients.

VMware Horizon Suite - Putting It All Together

At VMware Partner Exchange this spring, VMware announced the release of a new suite of products centered on Endpoint Management called VMware Horizon Suite.  The announcement is simply the finishing touches on two recent acquisitions combined with their already strong Virtual Desktop Solution. The dedication to provide a complete endpoint device solution is exemplified in the VMware Horizon Suite.

VMware Pre-Sales Consultant

Cima Solutions Group is seeking a  VMware Pre-Sales Consultant who will provide technical expertise in support of pre-sales activities - gathering requirements, performing analysis, and designing fully integrated technology solutions - in the assigned market. Technical emphasis is on converged infrastructure platforms including virtualization, compute, network, storage, management, orchestration, and application requirements.

Hybrid Storage Solutions Delivering on Their Promises

At Cima, we've been delivering optimized storage solutions to our clients since 2005.  We have customers using storage falling into all of the buzzword categories:  Enterprise, Mid-Range, Entry.  DAS, SAN, NAS, Unified.  Fibre Channel, iSCSI, File-based, Virtualized.  We have experience with them all, and if you follow our RightStor messaging, then you know my mantra is (with certain exceptions) "there is no wrong answer... just varying degrees of right", when it comes to data storage.

Dog Days, Managing Desktops, Laying Down Your Tracks

Here in Dallas, every single day in August, so far, has hit 100 degrees.  The extended forecast for the next 10 days shows no change.  My lawn, despite regular watering, is starting to brown.   The heat is a total beat down.  No escape.   It’s hard to want to do much more than stay inside (avoid), go to Colorado (run away), or hit the pool (relief, albeit relative with water temps over 90degrees 24X7).

I’m not sure if any of those are really solutions to the problem of it being hot.  There may not be a solution to this problem; I live here, I choose to live here, I deal with it.

Austin Computer Limits

On Tuesday of last week, I had the great opportunity to spend time with some of Austin's up and coming technology developers at the Door64 annual techfair. Cima Solutions Group hosted a booth there jointly with our good friends and business partner - Virtual Bridges. If you have not heard of Virtual Bridges, check them out at http://vbridges.com/wp/.