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VMware Pre-Sales Consultant

Cima Solutions Group is seeking a  VMware Pre-Sales Consultant who will provide technical expertise in support of pre-sales activities - gathering requirements, performing analysis, and designing fully integrated technology solutions - in the assigned market. Technical emphasis is on converged infrastructure platforms including virtualization, compute, network, storage, management, orchestration, and application requirements.

VDI or Cloud based solutions let your sales people go rogue!

A few weeks ago, one of our best clients came do me with a dilemma.  His sales people have gone rogue!  Specifically, he said that the reps are finding ways to remotely connect to desktops from a myriad of devices using technology they are finding on the internet.

VDI - Pain Point Defined

Definition of PAIN POINT

1. Particularly urgent and difficult to solve needs.

In a nutshell, this sums up the current state of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) infrastructure.  However, the future is definitely promising.

Customer Spotlight – United Regional

Driven by a passion for healing, United Regional has touched the lives of the people of Wichita Falls area for nearly 100 years.

United Regional, a long time Cima customer, needed to make certain they were getting the most out of their storage and server hardware infrastructure.

As a result, Cima:

Dog Days, Managing Desktops, Laying Down Your Tracks

Here in Dallas, every single day in August, so far, has hit 100 degrees.  The extended forecast for the next 10 days shows no change.  My lawn, despite regular watering, is starting to brown.   The heat is a total beat down.  No escape.   It’s hard to want to do much more than stay inside (avoid), go to Colorado (run away), or hit the pool (relief, albeit relative with water temps over 90degrees 24X7).

I’m not sure if any of those are really solutions to the problem of it being hot.  There may not be a solution to this problem; I live here, I choose to live here, I deal with it.

Dude, where’s my ROI?

Ok, so maybe desktop virtualization is for you, maybe it isn’t. Here at Cima we continue to have a lot of interest in our engagements that evaluate desktop projects. I tend to think that a good desktop project has five (5) phases:

Austin Computer Limits

On Tuesday of last week, I had the great opportunity to spend time with some of Austin's up and coming technology developers at the Door64 annual techfair. Cima Solutions Group hosted a booth there jointly with our good friends and business partner - Virtual Bridges. If you have not heard of Virtual Bridges, check them out at http://vbridges.com/wp/.

Want some fries with that VDI?

Cima has been seeing a lot of interest in Desktop Virtualization (we’ll try to clarify terms in a minute) and, as an organization, we’ve taken a strong interest in helping evaluate this toolset for our clients.

As with everything that we do, we look to ground our recommendations and analysis in sound business value.  Desktop Virtualization is interesting because: