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Eric Herzog of IBM shares his insights on IBM flash and software-defined storage offerings

If you haven't considered IBM storage recently, you may have missed out on a good opportunity to drive better results across your storage environment. This is what I took away from my recent interview with Eric Herzog, Vice President of Product Marketing and Management for Software Defined Infrastructures at IBM. In the interview—which you can watch in the video below—Eric and I went over some of the recent developments IBM has made in the areas of flash and software defined storage.

Understanding the potential challenges of Software Defined Storage

The potential benefits of Software Defined Storage have been well documented: whether it's increasing business agility, enabling innovation and advanced storage features, or just cutting costs and complexity, it's easy to understand why so many different organizations are excited about SDS.

The Politics of Big Data ~ Ken Scott, Cima Solutions Group

It’s no secret that data growth has turned into a crisis for IT departments. In 2012, IDC reported that the amount of information created, captured, or replicated had overflowed available storage for corporations. This storage shortage necessitated better strategies for data management.

Look to Google for your Office Continuity Plan

This week has been an interesting one in the question of "To Cloud or Not to Cloud?" I have had several conversations with clients who are on both sides of this argument. A few clients have said that they do not see how they could move any data to the cloud based on state and federal regulations. Others have said that they are more confident with their data in the confines of a cloud service provider. A local City Manager I met with summed it up well, "Google does this for a living, we serve our Town. Shouldn't I expect that Google can do this better than my IT staff of 1?".

How Disk Vendors have Evolved

About dozen or so years ago, I was participating in my first storage RFP.   The mid-sized shop where I worked had around a hundred-or-so Wintel servers, about a dozen AIX servers, a few AS400s, and one "Big Iron".   Back then if you were a mid-sized shop or larger, there were only about four "REAL" players in the enterprise disk market.   Oh sure, there were niche players - but the only four we were considering for our storage consolidation efforts were EMC, IBM, Hitachi, and StorageTek.

Partner Spotlight - FalconStor

Focus on FalconStor's Data Protection Solutions

A key concept within Cima’s “RightStor” messaging is to understand that today’s IT world includes a variety of interoperable solutions – each with its own set of values.  Time and time again, our clients are telling us that when it comes to managing exponential data growth, they are looking for flexibility and simplicity above all.