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Making Friends with Google Apps Pilots

In my blog last week, I detailed the varying degrees of acceptance I am seeing related to Google Apps for Business.  One of the particular degrees I classified as 'The Eager".  Essentially, this is typically a leader in the IT organization, who fully understands the financial and functional value of migrating his/her company to Google Apps, yet is struggling to gain any mindshare with the executives.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

After 16 years with working for a 350,000 employee global company (IBM), I recently made a move to a 16 employee local based IT provider (Cima Solutions Group). The day before I started, I was given two URLs and told - these are the applications you will be using at Cima, you shouldn't need any training, but if you do, the tutorials are helpful. My first thought was, "what have you gotten yourself into?". However, after logging into the apps, I quickly began to realize that the sky was not falling, just the clouds.