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Uptick Interest in Integrated Systems

I have seen an uptick in interest by a few of my clients in Integrated Systems.  It makes sense, as you can get a convenient computer hardware package that contains computing hardware, storage, virtualization support, and switching and networking fabric all bundled up in a single rack solution with an integrated solution.

Veeam's Value is NOT Virtual... It is Real.

It’s 2012 and we’re often surprised by the prevalence of businesses that have yet to adopt virtualization in their server infrastructure. Yes, many are “looking into it”, or have PoC’s underway, but I am confident that the value proposition of server virtualization has already been established – and validated to the Nth degree.

Advantages to Virtualization on PowerVM Systems

Almost everyone knows about virtualization these days, the sharing of resources just makes sense. It has effected almost every part of IT,  and it is no surprise that it has had an especially significant impact on servers.  Before virtualization we needed to have enough resources on each server to handle the peaks. However, on average, servers usually only run at 1/3rd of their peak and so these resources just sat around idle most of the time.  Everyone knows that idle resources are just money wasted, but they were needed to handle the peaks.

Happy Days and IT Optimization

Has server virtualization jumped the shark?  For the past 5 years, we’ve been focused on selling the benefits of server virtualization to the marketplace.  Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that adoption of virtualization is approaching a strong majority with pretty much every end user with 10+ servers that I’ve talked to having dabbled in it.  In more marketing terms, server virtualization has long since crossed the chasm.  What I have begun to notice, however, is that more and more companies are looking at what’s next.