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Monitoring for Public and Private Clouds ~ John Alday, Cima Solutions Group

"Yes, I’ve bought my last server.  Our current servers are less than 30% utilized. "

Second in the RightCloud Series: "Have you Bought your Last Server?"

Happy New Year for IBM PureFlex based on IDC study? - Todd Brown, Cima Solutions Group

Last week IDC released their findings on Integrated Infrastructure sales.  Not surprisingly, integrated systems showed a 68.5% year to year growth.  Also not surprising to me, was IBM’s huge gains in this space thanks to their PureFlex family of products.

Does hardware matter? IBM PureFlex is making it matter! - Chad Leeper, Cima Solutions Group

More than a decade ago after some time spent as a jr. sys-admin for a fortune 500 company out of college, I found myself relocated to central Texas working for a major computer manufacturer within their enterprise technical support operation. It was an immersion into server hardware, storage, and management software that I could have never imagined.

Going Beyond Blades with IBM PureFlex System

It’s no secret today that the interdependency between the CIO and CEO is now greater than ever. An organization’s productivity can be positively or negatively affected by the actions of IT. So if you currently have blade technology, what are your plans to expand its utilization going forward?

Uptick Interest in Integrated Systems

I have seen an uptick in interest by a few of my clients in Integrated Systems.  It makes sense, as you can get a convenient computer hardware package that contains computing hardware, storage, virtualization support, and switching and networking fabric all bundled up in a single rack solution with an integrated solution.

VDI or Cloud based solutions let your sales people go rogue!

A few weeks ago, one of our best clients came do me with a dilemma.  His sales people have gone rogue!  Specifically, he said that the reps are finding ways to remotely connect to desktops from a myriad of devices using technology they are finding on the internet.

Veeam's Value is NOT Virtual... It is Real.

It’s 2012 and we’re often surprised by the prevalence of businesses that have yet to adopt virtualization in their server infrastructure. Yes, many are “looking into it”, or have PoC’s underway, but I am confident that the value proposition of server virtualization has already been established – and validated to the Nth degree.

Counting Down AIX

Well the countdown is on. We are less then a year away from the end of support for AIX 5.3. Customers will need to move onto AIX 6.1 or AIX 7 by April 2012 or pay extra for OS support. However, I see a lot of my customers still using AIX 5.3 and even deploying on AIX 5.3.  We all expect there to be stragglers, I still see a few servers running AIX 4.3.3, however, there is a huge install base of AIX 5.3. The reason for this is the slow adoption of AIX 6 and I see that same trend with AIX 7.