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Understanding the Benefits of Security Intelligence

In the previous posts in this series on security intelligence, we provided a brief introduction to IBM QRadar, a leading security intelligence platform, and talked a little bit about how an organization can best get started with adopting QRadar technology. Now, in the final post in this series, we'll take a step back to get a better look at why you would want to adopt QRadar to help meet the changing security needs of your organization.

Getting started with the IBM QRadar security intelligence platform

In the last post in our series on security intelligence, we provided a brief introduction to the IBM QRadar SIEM platform, and how it can be influential in solving the security issues that so many different companies are facing in today's high-risk IT environment. We  hope our post got you started thinking about how QRadar could benefit an organization like yours. However, a lot of the practical issues behind security intelligence still remain: that is, many organizations out there are well aware of the fact that they need something new to keep up with the new security threats they're facing, but still have a hard time understanding how they would go about adopting QRadar as that new thing they need.

Understanding Security Intelligence technology - A brief intro

The world of IT is changing around us as we speak. The advent of revolutionary new technologies like cloud and big data and analytics has created a variety of new opportunities for IT teams to perform better, a fact that has been widely recognized by industry observers. However, this new level of opportunity also comes with a dark side, in the form of increased security threats.