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Looking to make a move to the cloud? Find out why a cloud assessment should be your first step

Today's IT leaders face a wide variety of challenges every day. Whether it's making the most of limited resources, ensuring that line of business employees are empowered to do their jobs well, or keeping vital company data stored safely, these administrators have a lot of priorities competing for their time. Throw in the unexpected crises that inevitably arise in IT settings, and it's hard to understand how these people get anything done at all.

VDI or Cloud based solutions let your sales people go rogue!

A few weeks ago, one of our best clients came do me with a dilemma.  His sales people have gone rogue!  Specifically, he said that the reps are finding ways to remotely connect to desktops from a myriad of devices using technology they are finding on the internet.

Cloud means 'no more backups'...not so fast!

The growth of application and storage services being provided from the Cloud has led to an apathy towards data backup discipline. While it is true that more and more consumer and business services are being developed and delivered in this manner, the age-old issue of data protection for business continuity and regulatory compliance still remains.

It's a Small World After All

I recently took my 3 year old son to DisneyWorld. Absolute magical time! Since I have returned to the office, one song remains in my head. If you have ever been on the "Small World" ride at Disney, you know that this song will be etched on your brain for weeks. Typically to a point of insanity. As I think about this song, it has applicability to a business area that is rapidly evolving right now in the world of IT...SMALL BUSINESS.

Making Friends with Google Apps Pilots

In my blog last week, I detailed the varying degrees of acceptance I am seeing related to Google Apps for Business.  One of the particular degrees I classified as 'The Eager".  Essentially, this is typically a leader in the IT organization, who fully understands the financial and functional value of migrating his/her company to Google Apps, yet is struggling to gain any mindshare with the executives.

Deloitte doesn’t hold back on Cloud outlook at CIO Symposium

On Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to attend the Dallas Regional Chamber's quarterly CIO Symposium. This is the second one I have attended. The turnout of CIOs in both cases has been significant. The discussion has been excellent.

Cloud is driving integration, not limiting it

I have read several articles recently that spell out the pros and cons associated with Software as a Service Cloud based offerings. In most cases, they will call out the challenge of integrating applications as a major con. Last week, I was witness to an example that spells out the ADVANTAGES of integration within a cloud model. For those not familiar with salesforce.com, it is a multi-tenet SAAS based CRM application. It includes contact management, opportunity management, and other marketing features. Recently they acquired Jigsaw.

Cloudy Skies at the Texas Technology Forum

I had the opportunity to attend the Government focused Texas Technology Forum in Fort Worth last week. While the big hit was definitely the brilliance of Dan Thurmon juggling swords on a 10 foot unicycle, the true buzz of the event was around Cloud Computing in Government. The majority of the breakout and keynote sessions revolved around this topic in some form or fashion. The technology leaders in our public sector for the majority, are open to leveraging cloud to more effectively utilize their budget and reduce IT expenses.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

After 16 years with working for a 350,000 employee global company (IBM), I recently made a move to a 16 employee local based IT provider (Cima Solutions Group). The day before I started, I was given two URLs and told - these are the applications you will be using at Cima, you shouldn't need any training, but if you do, the tutorials are helpful. My first thought was, "what have you gotten yourself into?". However, after logging into the apps, I quickly began to realize that the sky was not falling, just the clouds.