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Bridging the gap between realization and execution of TCO savings.

This past month I've had the opportunity to create various Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models for our prospective clients.  In creating them, I realized that the gap between learning about the potential in savings versus the gap in executing is a function of where the project lies in the priorities of the organization.  In other words, yeah the savings look great but there are more compelling projects ahead of it.  Nothing new here, it has always been that way.

Dude, where’s my ROI?

Ok, so maybe desktop virtualization is for you, maybe it isn’t. Here at Cima we continue to have a lot of interest in our engagements that evaluate desktop projects. I tend to think that a good desktop project has five (5) phases:

Want some fries with that VDI?

Cima has been seeing a lot of interest in Desktop Virtualization (we’ll try to clarify terms in a minute) and, as an organization, we’ve taken a strong interest in helping evaluate this toolset for our clients.

As with everything that we do, we look to ground our recommendations and analysis in sound business value.  Desktop Virtualization is interesting because: