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Is Hybrid Cloud a Smart Storage Solution for your Organization?

There are more organizations embracing hybrid storage solutions than ever before. In fact, IDC recently stated that the move to hybrid IT would be a major factor this year, with more than 65% of enterprise IT organizations set to commit before the end of 2015.

The Politics of Big Data ~ Ken Scott, Cima Solutions Group

It’s no secret that data growth has turned into a crisis for IT departments. In 2012, IDC reported that the amount of information created, captured, or replicated had overflowed available storage for corporations. This storage shortage necessitated better strategies for data management.

VMware: The iPod of Virtualization - Ken Scott, Cima Solutions Group

If you walk into any retail outlet, you’ll see products that are made solely to enhance the experience provided to you listening to music on your Apple iPod.

Unitrends: Backups Done Right - Mike Beecham, Cima Solutions Group

A long time client of mine was headed down the same path for his backup and recovery solution:  Simply upgrade the library with faster drives making backups and recoveries faster than what he currently was using, or so he thought.

Is it Time to Consider an Appliance? - Ken Scott, Cima Solutions Group

If you look out the window, chances are there is a company within your field of vision that offers some sort of device - complete with hardware, software, and management capabilities - to allow you to do something easier, faster, and cheaper than you do it today.

The Real Messages Within DCIG's 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyers Guide - Ken Scott, Cima Solutions Group

DCIG recently released their 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyers Guide.  If you haven't seen it, you can find it here.

Is It Time to Refresh Your Storage and Data Protection Solution?

When is the Right Time to Refresh your Storage and Data Protection Solution?

IBM Storwize V7000 - My Clients Best Friend

Recently, a number of my clients have moved to the IBM Storwize V7000 to solve different storage needs. The IBM Storwize V7000 is a mid-range storage system that includes features to virtualize other storage arrays behind it.

Leveraging Data Reduction Technologies to Reduce Cost and Protect Investments

Our most recent RightStor Workshop was a fairly unique one that epitomizes the client value resident in our approach.  Our client's current storage environment is large capacity, heterogeneous, yet dependent on investment in existing providers.  In other words, they are not at a point in which a complete replacement with multi-year ROI would make sense.  So why even participate in a RightStor Workshop?

Here's why:

Flash Technology and the Value of Improved Performance

With a myriad of solutions coming to market offering Flash technology, users are promised the benefit of much-improved response times for key applications.  That’s a good thing.

What’s not a good thing however, is the fact that this new technology stands to fall victim to the age-old curse of IT professionals weighing its value with outdated paradigms, specifically, the dreaded “Dollars per GB”.