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VMware Horizon Suite - Putting It All Together

At VMware Partner Exchange this spring, VMware announced the release of a new suite of products centered on Endpoint Management called VMware Horizon Suite.  The announcement is simply the finishing touches on two recent acquisitions combined with their already strong Virtual Desktop Solution. The dedication to provide a complete endpoint device solution is exemplified in the VMware Horizon Suite.

Simplifying Your Migration to Cloud Email - Are Your Ready?

Based on our success with current and potential Google Apps clients, this approach has proven to be very beneficial.

Exoprise CloudReady is an easy-to-use, automated solution that delivers deep insights into on-premises applications and infrastructure as well as comparisons against cloud-based alternatives.  A unique combination of analytics and light-weight, downloadable data collection software, CloudReady gives IT leaders hard to obtain information in critical areas including Total Cost of Ownership, End-user Readiness, Application Usage and Enterprise Collaboration.

Exoprise Takes the Guess Work Out of a Google Apps Migration

I recently had the opportunity to work with one of our traditional on premise infrastructure clients in East Texas who has asked for some consultative advice in determining their readiness and return on investment (ROI) in moving from on premise Exchange to a cloud based email and collaboration suite.  Prior to our partnership with Exoprise, I would have scheduled time with them, combed through their EA, did a general overview of their user base, and made a recommendation grounded in assumptions.

Hybrid Storage Solutions Delivering on Their Promises

At Cima, we've been delivering optimized storage solutions to our clients since 2005.  We have customers using storage falling into all of the buzzword categories:  Enterprise, Mid-Range, Entry.  DAS, SAN, NAS, Unified.  Fibre Channel, iSCSI, File-based, Virtualized.  We have experience with them all, and if you follow our RightStor messaging, then you know my mantra is (with certain exceptions) "there is no wrong answer... just varying degrees of right", when it comes to data storage.

Tegile Hybrid Storage for Virtual Infrastructure - Making a Difference

Everyone is talking about the complexity of implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, but if you begin the process by defining a strategy and architect a design based on your organization needs -- that can go a long way.

Partner Spotlight - Dell Compellent

Dell Compellent defines Fluid Data as “Storage that grows with your business and adapts to change”.  Cima’s RightStor messaging is founded on helping clients find the right storage solution for their needs - as opposed to simply buying storage using outdated paradigms, or buying from the supplier with the most “check marks” on the RFP response.  So as I see it, Fluid Data and RightStor are in a sense, twin sons of different Mothers.

Partner Spotlight - FalconStor

Focus on FalconStor's Data Protection Solutions

A key concept within Cima’s “RightStor” messaging is to understand that today’s IT world includes a variety of interoperable solutions – each with its own set of values.  Time and time again, our clients are telling us that when it comes to managing exponential data growth, they are looking for flexibility and simplicity above all.