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Capitalizing on the benefits of A software defined data center (SDDC)

In the first post in this series, we briefly touched on the advantages of deploying a software defined data center, and how it could help IT leaders deliver on the higher expectations placed on them during the cloud era. Now, we’d like to return to that idea, to give you a closer look at the benefits you might hope to achieve by deploying a software defined data center. It’s our hope that this post will help you understand why there is so much excitement surrounding the idea of SDDC.


In the previous post in our series on the software defined data center, we covered what the SDDC is, and the possibilities it creates for IT organizations. With such a promising new technology, the desire to jump in feet first is probably pretty strong for most IT leaders. However, that may not always be the most effective strategy. In this post, we’ll cover how to get the best results from your software defined data center, providing tips to keep you from making common errors.

Behind the software defined data center: What is it, and what does it mean for you?

Today’s IT leaders are under pressure to deliver speed, flexibility and business value like never before. It’s no wonder that so many of them are turning to new technologies, such as hybrid cloud deployments, to help them meet the new challenges they face. However, in order to truly take advantage of hybrid cloud, there’s another new technology that IT teams need to take advantage of, and it’s one they might not be so familiar with. In this post, we’ll be discussing the software defined data center (SDDC): what it is, what it’s not, and how it can help your IT team create value for the business.

Office 365 New Options ~ Laura Venator, Cima Solutions Group

Microsoft is looking to expand the popularity of Office 365 with two recent announcements.

Cima Solutions Group: Converged Infrastructure vs. a Stove Pipe Approach

"Yes, I’ve bought my last server.  Our direction is Converged Infrastructure "

Third in the RightCloud Series: "Have you Bought your Last Server?"

Cima Solutions Group Government 1st Quarter 2014 Newsletter

Cima Solutions Group 1st Quarter 2014 Newsletter

Cima Solutions Group March 2014 Newsletter

"There's no luck in business.  There's only drive, determination, and more drive." ~  Madeleine Wickham, Financial Journalist, Best-Selling Author

End of Exchange Upgrades - Mike Beecham, Cima Solutions Group

A long time client of mine was mapping out his 2015 projects and under consideration was upgrading his Microsoft Office environment to Office 2013.  Or, in other words do the same thing he has always done-move to the next version.

Have You Bought Your Last Server?

The Egg and I restaurant opened up in Flower Mound, TX last year.  Great place for breakfast or lunch if you are in the area.  About a mile or so away is an Einstein Bros Bagels - I'm a fan of the poppy seed bagel.  And a mile or so away from there is a First Choice Emergency Room.

VMware Partner Exchange 2014 - Jason Maryland, Cima Solutions Group

Not knowing what to expect heading in to this weekend, I tried my very best to approach my first “Partner Exchange“ with an open mind.  Needless to say a 3hr delayed flight put a slight damper on my arrival to the bay area, at the same time I grew even more anxious.  Ready to soak up the influx of information surely heading my way.