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Cima Solutions Group March 2014 Newsletter

"There's no luck in business.  There's only drive, determination, and more drive." ~  Madeleine Wickham, Financial Journalist, Best-Selling Author

Google Apps 1Q2014 Updates ~ Laura Venator, Cima Solutions Group

Google is always working to make updates and improvements to their suite of applications known as Google Apps.  Just in the first few months of 2014, Google has had 15 updates across their Google Apps suite of applications!

Google Apps Marketplace ~ Laura Venator, Cima Solutions Group

Google Apps Marketplace is where Google Apps Admins can find hundreds of different business-related applications that are designed to integrate seamlessly with your Google Apps domain and run in the cloud on the web.

Google and VMware - New Partnership for Chromebooks - Laura Venator, Cima Solutions Group

Google’s Chromebook offers a great device if everything you do revolves around web-based applications.  Unfortunately, a web-based-only device is not always practical for most enterprise customers with legacy applications that require a Windows platform.

Enhance Google Apps with Chrome - Laura Venator, Cima Solutions Group

When it comes to web browsers, we all have many options… but if you are a Google Apps user, to make the most of your experience, you should seriously consider using Chrome to access your Google Apps account.

The Beauty of Automatic Updates in Google Apps - Laura Venator, Cima Solutions Group

As someone with an IT background, I love Google’s approach to code updates.  Their approach makes an IT Admin’s job so much easier.  Not only do you not have to worry about managing which users are at which level of code (and dealing with compatibility issues), but you now do not have to budget, plan for, test, implement, and then support a brand new release of server and client code.  Google manages all of that for you!

Making Google Apps Better in 2013

Google is always making updates and improving the applications that make up Google Apps.  In 2013, updates to Google Apps have mostly centered around Google Drive.   Here are the updates and changes that have taken place this year that you should check out:

Expanding Our Client’s View of Cloud Based Options

I have the pleasure of working with clients that are still scratching the surface of the benefits in transitioning workloads into the cloud.  I’m still struck by the number of clients that entertain proposals from vendors that completely ignore cloud based options, and propose the same old traditional, old school, on premise strategy.  One of the key areas I regularly see this is in the email and messaging infrastructure.

Simplifying Your Migration to Cloud Email - Are Your Ready?

Based on our success with current and potential Google Apps clients, this approach has proven to be very beneficial.

Exoprise CloudReady is an easy-to-use, automated solution that delivers deep insights into on-premises applications and infrastructure as well as comparisons against cloud-based alternatives.  A unique combination of analytics and light-weight, downloadable data collection software, CloudReady gives IT leaders hard to obtain information in critical areas including Total Cost of Ownership, End-user Readiness, Application Usage and Enterprise Collaboration.