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Google Apps at the Tyler Tech Expo

It has been a month now since we had the privilege of participating in the first annual Tyler Tech Expo.  This event was extremely well done and well attended.  I spoke with several companies in East Texas who are looking for ways to optimize their infrastructure and management thereof.  All while trying to meet the demands of daily functional enhancement requests from various departments.  Oh, and throw a shrinking IT budget on top of all that.

Email Backup Solutions are a dying breed with Google Apps adoption

I was initially surprised with the announcement from Google that their Google Message Continuity offer was being sunset after a very quick run. I have recently met with two companies who have helped shine light on why this is a good move for Google and a good move for companies looking at this type of solution.

Cima and Google Apps...One year and 10,000 seats later.

As we approach the anniversary of our first true Google Apps client, I thought it would be ideal to reflect on what a year has meant to us, our clients, and the Google way of life for our clients and prospects.

Google Apps - The Six Degrees of Collaboration

I have met with hundreds of Google Apps prospects over the past few months. I continue to be amazed with the varying degrees of knowledge and opinion on this offering. Here is a summary of the camps that most people fall into along with advice for each:

"Come for the Messaging...stay for the Docs"

When we deployed Google Apps two years ago, we did so for the sole purpose of minimizing costs related to our internal email solution.  Exchange alone was expensive, not to mention the costs associated with managing the environment with our otherwise BILLABLE consultants.  We were instantly delighted with the functionality associated with the search criteria in Gmail, the instant messaging and the calendars.  With all that comes in a Google Apps deployment, we never intended to utilize Google Docs.