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How Disk Vendors have Evolved

About dozen or so years ago, I was participating in my first storage RFP.   The mid-sized shop where I worked had around a hundred-or-so Wintel servers, about a dozen AIX servers, a few AS400s, and one "Big Iron".   Back then if you were a mid-sized shop or larger, there were only about four "REAL" players in the enterprise disk market.   Oh sure, there were niche players - but the only four we were considering for our storage consolidation efforts were EMC, IBM, Hitachi, and StorageTek.

Did Dell Win by Losing?

Recently, Dell was outbid by rival HP for the 3Par storage business. Everyone knows that by now. What most of us don’t know is what HP plans to do with all of these storage options that appear to overlap one another. I am still seeing EVA bids in the market on a regular basis, but there’s a part of me that thinks the (alleged) sex and sizzle of the guy they spent a jillion dollars for (3Par) would trump the older stuff where the two options overlapped.

In hindsight, though, Dell may be breathing a sigh of relief that they didn’t get 3Par.