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Dispelling the common myths surrounding the hyper-converged infrastructure

In the last post in our series about the hyper-converged infrastructure, we covered the basics,  including what it is and what the benefits are. Now that you've learned a bit about what's true when it comes to hyper-converged infrastructures, it's a great time for you to start thinking about what isn't true.

What is a hyper-converged IT infrastructure? What are the benefits?

In my previous series of blog posts on the software-defined data center, we learned how virtualizing key services within the data center can have important implications for the way today's IT teams operate. However, while the SDDC certainly has its benefits, it's not necessarily the last word when it comes to getting better results from your IT infrastructure. In fact, there is a hot new technology that could be considered the logical next step after one has already implemented a SDDC. That technology is the hyper-converged IT infrastructure, and it's what we'll be covering in this blog post today.

The 2016 build vs buy question - Cloud, Hyper-converged or Bare-Metal

Alright all of you honey-do procrastinators, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow!  That means Spring time is coming early so you better start planning for all your outdoor DIY projects.  If you are like me, my mind races to "Should I build it or can I find something already built that will give me my weekend back?"

Explore the Expanding Universe of Converged Infrastructure ~ Todd Brown, Cima Solutions Group

Converged infrastructure has been compared to LEGO because of its modular structure. Like LEGO, converged infrastructure is made of pre-engineered blocks that can be linked together. Back in the early days of LEGO, there weren’t many options beyond the basic bricks. The most exciting innovation was the Swiss Chalet kit that included arches and latticed window pieces. LEGO has since grown to include super heroes, pirates, Star Wars, and the Hobbit. The LEGO realm has even expanded to include whole universes.