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Leveraging Data Reduction Technologies to Reduce Cost and Protect Investments

Our most recent RightStor Workshop was a fairly unique one that epitomizes the client value resident in our approach.  Our client's current storage environment is large capacity, heterogeneous, yet dependent on investment in existing providers.  In other words, they are not at a point in which a complete replacement with multi-year ROI would make sense.  So why even participate in a RightStor Workshop?

Here's why:

My First 30 Days with Cima Solutions Group

I joined the Cima Solutions Group team on February 6th and feel so fortunate that I did. After working for a large corporation like Dell for 6 years, I am now realizing the importance of working with a local solutions group and the value add that it brings to a company than ever before.

Beware of Data Reduction Website Promises

I was recently asked by a colleague if we should add a data deduplication calculator to our site.  If you exit out of this item and go check, you’ll see there is not one there.

Data reduction is a very hot item in storage.  Everyone claims to have “broken the code” to real capacity savings with their own implementation of deduplication or compression.  There are countless sites that offer promises of capacity savings – simply by entering a few numbers in a spreadsheet.  Voila!

Hybrid Storage Solutions Delivering on Their Promises

At Cima, we've been delivering optimized storage solutions to our clients since 2005.  We have customers using storage falling into all of the buzzword categories:  Enterprise, Mid-Range, Entry.  DAS, SAN, NAS, Unified.  Fibre Channel, iSCSI, File-based, Virtualized.  We have experience with them all, and if you follow our RightStor messaging, then you know my mantra is (with certain exceptions) "there is no wrong answer... just varying degrees of right", when it comes to data storage.

Tegile Hybrid Storage for Virtual Infrastructure - Making a Difference

Everyone is talking about the complexity of implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, but if you begin the process by defining a strategy and architect a design based on your organization needs -- that can go a long way.