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Making Google Apps Better in 2013

Google is always making updates and improving the applications that make up Google Apps.  In 2013, updates to Google Apps have mostly centered around Google Drive.   Here are the updates and changes that have taken place this year that you should check out:

My First 30 Days with Cima Solutions Group

I joined the Cima Solutions Group team on February 6th and feel so fortunate that I did. After working for a large corporation like Dell for 6 years, I am now realizing the importance of working with a local solutions group and the value add that it brings to a company than ever before.

Expanding Our Client’s View of Cloud Based Options

I have the pleasure of working with clients that are still scratching the surface of the benefits in transitioning workloads into the cloud.  I’m still struck by the number of clients that entertain proposals from vendors that completely ignore cloud based options, and propose the same old traditional, old school, on premise strategy.  One of the key areas I regularly see this is in the email and messaging infrastructure.