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Cima and Google Apps...One year and 10,000 seats later.

As we approach the anniversary of our first true Google Apps client, I thought it would be ideal to reflect on what a year has meant to us, our clients, and the Google way of life for our clients and prospects.

Cloud means 'no more backups'...not so fast!

The growth of application and storage services being provided from the Cloud has led to an apathy towards data backup discipline. While it is true that more and more consumer and business services are being developed and delivered in this manner, the age-old issue of data protection for business continuity and regulatory compliance still remains.

Managing Servers is a Drain - CimaCare is your Plunger

For most business owners March is a good time to take a look at how the new year of 2011 has started. With a couple of months under your belt, you should have a feel for how the year could shape up, if you’re on track with your projections, and where you need to make some tweaks to your 2011 plan so that you achieve your objectives. You’re also facing a quarterly tax filing which feels like its coming only weeks after your last, year-end filing. Time flies.

Deloitte doesn’t hold back on Cloud outlook at CIO Symposium

On Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to attend the Dallas Regional Chamber's quarterly CIO Symposium. This is the second one I have attended. The turnout of CIOs in both cases has been significant. The discussion has been excellent.