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Industry use cases for the new Cima + Splunk partnership

CimaSplunk.pngEarlier in the summer I shared two blog posts on the new partnership between Cima Solutions Group and Splunk. In the first two posts, we started by introducing the new partnership, and then looked at how log management tools from Splunk could help you enjoy success with your hybrid cloud environment. I wanted to talk a bit more about how our two companies have helped customers in the past, and how our new partnership could help us serve those same customers even better.

Auto racing

At the beginning of the summer at the Indianapolis 500, the power of Splunk's log management solutions was on full display, helping one auto racing team take advantage of log and machine data to mine new insights and drive predictive analytics.

Few sports are as data driven as auto racing, and even the slightest bit of insight about track conditions or car performance could mean the difference between winning the race and finishing in the middle of the pack. This year, Splunk provided real-time operational data to Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, helping them see things competitors would never be able to see using traditional systems, and then apply that knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.


 As a complement to our series of TechUntapped events, Cima has started a campaign to use hybrid cloud and technology provided by our deep bench of partners to help brewers make better beer.

Whether it's building a new data center quickly, scaling to keep up with seasonal demand, or making the most of limited IT resources, everything about hybrid cloud seems custom tailored to meet the unique challenges that craft breweries face . Now, with the addition of log management capabilities from our new partner Splunk, we are able to serve craft brewers like never before. By knowing what's going on in the brewery at all times, a brewer can know when a problem occurs, or know when they need to adjust their recipes to better meet the tastes of their customer base.

Learn more

These are just a couple industry use cases out of many, and Cima and Splunk's partnership can likely help you no matter what industry you operate in. To learn more, check out the story of Splunk at the Indy 500. Or, if you're located in the Dallas or Austin areas, we'd love to see you at one of our upcoming TechUntapped events.

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